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Katniss remembers her girlfriend who died in the games and is wondering why the districts are looking to her and Snow is seeing her as a threat because she feels like now Clove is dead there is nothing left of her.

Song: Castle Of Glass by Linkin Park

Had to make a video to this song because it is my favourite Linkin Park song. I was originally gonna make it just about Katniss feeling like there’s nothing left of her but then it turned into a clovniss because I am a shipper and can’t get by without thinking about my ships.



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Omg reblogging this cuz I always forget

Getting into the Left 4 Dead games?


I never realized how popular The Left 4 Dead games were and how big the fan base is until I started the confession blog, so my question is-

How did you guys get into the Left 4 Dead games? 

For me, I was recommended L4D2 by Xbox Live, so I downloaded the Demo and loved it so much I bought both games. 

Well, I just looked it up and found it’s wiki and started reading. Then I got the demo on Xbox 360, and played that until I got L4D2 on Xbox. After about a year, I got the game again through Steam on its $5 sale, and now I play on the PC. I sometimes go back to play on the Xbox though.

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