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We don’t give enough credit to Linda Avery and also this guy whatever his name. And the team they worked with.

They were fresh out of Academy and they gave their lives to protect Skye. This guy has spent his whole life on the run.

Linda Avery also designed the system that kept Skye safe for years.


Now THAT is what I call under appreciated characters! No one ever mentions them!


So instead of working on Skimmons prompts from months ago, I want to start writing an Imagine Me and You AU. I mean think about it. Like Jemma is getting married to Leo and then she sees Skye and bam love and Grant is Leo’s best friend and he keeps hitting on Skye and Skye teaches Jemma how to yell at the baseball game and then they fall in love and make out on top of flowers and happily ever after for Jemma and Skye. 

It’s midnight and this is definitely happening.


383. There is an office in London that specializes in forging muggle documents for wizards who want ‘dual citizenship’ in both the magical and muggle world. They have fabricated cover universities and have convincingly referred numerous wizards and witches over the years who have gone on to great things in the muggle world. Magically raised wizards must have an O in muggle studies or pass a muggle knowledge exam to be eligible

(Source: bbybirdbarton)

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