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i have this problem where i’ll never forget when someone did something shitty

now that the ebola virus has spread to france too i hope innocent people will be safe but that this racist fucker gets it

The Ebola virus has not spread to France. You are absolutely wrong. It is contained within West Africa.

And using the Ebola virus to cut down population overflow is a horrible idea and if any idiot tries to do this, watch it backfire in your hands.

The CDC, WHO, and other health organizations would be all over the case, and with the considerably more amount of resources there is in Europe compared to West Africa, the outbreak would be shut down quickly.




today in art class a guy made a dick out of clay and when the art teacher was walking around she stopped in front of him and stared at it and just said “it doesn’t look very accurate” and walked away

all the guys at our table were like “how does she know what a dick look like” and she said

i’m sixty years old and married and have three kids

The real question is why couldn’t a boy make an accurate dick.

(Source: charlottes)

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